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Tulsi (Holy Basil): The Composite Marvel

by Life Aveda 27 May 2024
Tulsi (Holy Basil): The Composite Marvel

Tulsi has captivated hearts for centuries for its multiple benefits. Known as the “Queen of Herbs”, this plant has nestled in the heart of countless Indian households, revered in ancient Ayurvedic texts and is also cherished for its spiritual significance. It is not just an ordinary herb but a symbol of healing, resilience and spirituality.

In this blog, we will discuss the profound healing powers of Tulsi drops in terms of its properties and potential uses.

The Healing Power of Sacred Leaf

Tulsi is a remarkable herb that possesses multiple exceptional properties which makes it a truly impressive and outstanding herb. Below are some incredible qualities of Tulsi:

तुलसी कटुका तिक्ता हद्योषणा दाहपित्तकृत।

दीपनी कुष्ठा कृच्छास्रपार्श्व रुक्कफवातजित।। 

Properties of Tulsi (Holy Basil):

  • It is  Katuka (pungent) & Tikta (bitter).
  • Has Ushna veerya (hot Potency).

This verse also highlights the different  medicinal properties of Tulsi, indicating its usefulness in range of conditions including:

  • Hridya (good for the heart)
  • Daahapittakrit (alleviates burning sensation and acidity)
  • Deepani (improves digestion) Kushtha (beneficial in skin diseases)
  • Krichra (useful in difficult diseases)
  • Pasharva rukk (Pain in flanks)
  • Kapha-Vata-Jit (pacifies Kapha and Vata doshas)

7 Magical Abilities : A Glimpse into its Potential Uses

7 Magical Abilities : A Glimpse into its Potential Uses
  • Immunity Booster: Due to its antioxidant properties, it works as a shield against seasonal woes. Heart’s Best Friend: Being “Hridya” means good for the heart. It supports cardiovascular health by acting as a blood thinning agent.
  • Digestive Dynamo: Its Deepani (digestion-enhancing) qualities ease tummy troubles and keep your gut happy.
  • Skin Soother: Say goodbye to pesky skin issues! It is used as a remedy for various dermatological problems.
  • Pain Relief Partner: Tulsi has pain relieving properties and especially helps with flanks pain. It can also help with joint pain or headache as well.
  • Detox Diva: Feeling sluggish? Tulsi's detoxifying prowess clears toxins, revitalizing your body from within.
  • Cold and Flu Fighter: Its Tikta (bitter) taste, Ushna (hot) potency and Kapha-Vata-Jit (Kapha and Vata balancing) qualities help combat colds and flu.

Nature's Pharmacy: Exploring Medicinal Uses of Tulsi

Nature's Pharmacy: Exploring Medicinal Uses of Tulsi

Here are the medicinal properties of Tulsi or Holy Basil:

  • Antimicrobial: Nature’s shield to battle with bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Acting as a frontline defense against different kinds of infections.
  • Mosquito Repellent: Say goodbye to those pesky bugs or mosquitoes bites. Tulsi is a natural mosquito repellent.
  • Gut Soother: It's a win-win for your gut health as it eases digestive process and provides antioxidant support.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Wonder: Inflammation? Tulsi got it under control. It helps in reducing inflammation and keeps the body feeling balanced. Cancer
  • Prevention: Potential cancer warrior known to inhibit cancer cell development. Heart and Liver Support: Protects cardiovascular and liver health.
  • Brain Boost and Memory Magic: Neuro-protective and memory enhancement properties.
  • Diabetes Defender and Cholesterol Champion: Managing diabetes and cholesterol levels is easier with tulsi by your side.
  • Stress Soother: Adaptogenic and anti-stress properties promote a sense of calm and balance in your busy life.
  • Pain Relief Partner: Whether it's a headache or muscle pain, Tulsi acts as a natural pain reliever and fever reducer.
  • Allergy Alleviator: Sniffling and sneezing? Anti-allergic properties for allergy sufferers.
  • Immune Booster: Strengthens the immune system. Respiratory Aid: Anti-asthmatic and anti-tussive (relieves cough).
  • Thyroid Tamer: Balances thyroid function. Anti-Ulcer: Tulsi's anti-ulcer properties soothe and protect your stomach lining, providing relief from discomfort.
  • Nausea Relief: Antiemetic properties for nausea and vomiting.
  • Muscle Relaxant: Antispasmodic and anti-arthritic properties offer relief from muscle spasms and joint pain, keeping you flexible and pain-free.
  • Circulation Support: Blood thinning properties for circulatory health, ensuring your smooth blood flow.

Tulsi is not just a herb; it's a holistic health hero, offering a wide range of benefits to nourish your body & mind.


Tulsi is a sacred herb known to have multiple properties which can benefit the human body. The plant is native to India, but has widespread availability in parts of Southeast Asia, Central Asia and parts of Africa as well. Ayurveda describes Tulsi or holy basil as a herb with hot potency, bitter and pungent taste. Ancient texts also state that tulsi is the queen of herbs and has the power to detoxify the body. Not just for respiration, this herb can support heart health, helps in lowering down the high sugar levels, assist in better digestion and is useful in different types of pains. It maintains circulatory health by stabilizing cholesterol levels and supporting natural consistency of blood.  

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