Elixir Potion Syrup - Ayurvedic Tonic For New Mother
Elixir Potion - Ayurvedic Medicine For Female Libido
Elixir Potion - Ayurvedic Tonic For Women's Health
Elixir Potion - Ayurvedic Tonic For Body Weakness
Elixir Potion - Ayurvedic Medicine For Hormonal Imbalance
Elixir Potion - Ayurvedic Health Tonic For Ladies

Elixir Potion

Rs. 175
Rs. 195
Rs. 175
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  • Life Aveda
Syrup: 200ml
Elixir Potion Syrup - Ayurvedic Tonic For New Mother

Elixir Potion

Rs. 195 Rs. 175

Elixir Potion

Rs. 195 Rs. 175
Syrup: 200ml

Elixir Potion is a natural tonic that helps to balance and revitalize female hormones and the reproductive system. This formula is helpful in anemia, loss of appetite, and general weakness. It also aids in regulating menstruation, promoting libido and improving a healthy reproductive system and sense of well-being.



  • Ashok chhaal bark- 300mg
  • Ashwagandha-100mg
  • Lodhra bark- 200mg
  • Shatavari- 100mg
  • Arjun chaal bark- 100mg
  • Amla- 100mg
  • Rasaunt- 200mg
  • Dashmool- 200mg
  • Kuth- 100mg
  • Aloe vera gum and leaf- 200mg
  • Vidarikand tuberous root- 100mg
  • Ajwain seed- 100mg
  • Bhel fruit & leaf- 100mg
  • Saunf seed- 100mg


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Best product

    This is my 2nd order of the product.i searched a lot about effects of DIM for fatloss and for reducing bad estrogen and increasing available testosterone.i actually felt that after continuous intake after lunch it helped with muscle growth and fat reduction.genuine product.loving it

    It Works

    i am a boy hit gym regularly but i hold some fat in my thighs and obliques .thats bcz of a highter then normal part of testorone is converting to estogen so i ordered that product ans soon as you consume it you feel rage of testorone bcz it stops making bad estogen in your body and free them to use as testorone .its boosts my mood. i recomend this product

    Good for imbalance

    Hello I'm a Doctor and I have PCOS from 10 years since my first cycle itself I have pcos which made me so unhealthy and gain weight from past 7 years I face facial hair issues and no periods until I bring them with capsules as being a doctor facing this things is a huge disaster today this will be my first review because I want people to know what a magical drink Oziva has produced its been 1 week im drinking this every night before going to bed just 7 days people and I SEE SHOCKING CHANGE IN MY FACIAL HAIR GROWTH those hair became thin and growth is 80% slow now and I got my periods without capsule this time which is huge GO FOR IT WITHOUT DOUBLE THOUGHTS I HOPE IT HELPS US ALL INSHA ALLAH


    I've got this product on 8th October and now I'm giving my honest review of this products. From the last few months I'm suffering from pcos problems and bcz of this I didn't get the irregular period but also got so many pimples on my face nd I totally get worried about my face more than my period problems so finally one day i saw an advertisement on insta than i read the review of this product than i thought to try it for once than i used it regularly in day time with lukewarm water and than I've seen the results within 18 days nd trust me guy's this time i got a healthy period on time nd I can see the difference on my face also .
    Thank u so much Life Aveda for providing us such a great products

    Good Capsules

    Dunno how but this thing helps. My periods are on time. Plus this is tasty man. Like super tasty.
    I took it early morning and at night before bed.