Fatty Liver Care Pack

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Rs. 2,114
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Fatty Liver Care Pack

Fatty Liver Care Pack

Rs. 2,210 Rs. 2,114

Fatty Liver Care Pack

Rs. 2,210 Rs. 2,114

Fatty Liver Care Pack is designed by Life Aveda to support a healthy Liver and regulate its functioning. The pack consists of two natural products that help in rejuvenating and detoxifying the liver.


Adults: 1- 2 Capsules of Each Medicine, Twice a day

After 60 Years & Over: 1- 2 Capsules of Each Medicine, Twice a day

How to Use: You Can Take it With Lukewarm Water.

Who should not take this medicine: Pregnant Women, Heart & BP Patients, and Patients with Digestive Issue.

NOTE: ***(Please Consult a Doctor Before Use)***


Premium Kalmegh Capsule

Life Aveda’s Kalmegh Capsules aid in promoting liver health and functioning. The capsules are completely pure, vegetarian, and made using standard extracts of Kalmegh. The pack aids in complementing the digestive fire and helps in promoting digestion.

Benefits of Premium Kalmegh Capsule

Immunity Booster Promotes overall protection of the body by boosting immunity. Protection against cold and cough The natural extracts help in providing protection against common cold and cough. Promotes Digestion The capsules are effective in supporting healthy digestion and help in eliminating intestinal worm.

Liv Guard Capsule

The herbal formulation helps in promoting digestive and metabolic processes. The natural properties of the supplement help in rejuvenating and detoxifying the liver.

Benefits of Liv Guard Capsule

Anti-inflammatory The anti-inflammatory properties of the supplement help in controlling liver inflammation. Aids in managing liver disorders The capsules help in reducing problems caused due to liver disorders like stomachache, chronic constipation, headache, reduced appetite, etc. Provides protection The formulation is effective in providing protection and support to liver cells and enzymes.

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Customer Reviews

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good for health

good for health

Good for liver detox

For liver protection

Effective product.

Quite effective product! Clean ingredients. Already seeing results.

Full detoxified my liver

This product is great... Fully detoxified my liver.

Good product

It contains all of the ingredients that I need to detox liver. The only thing that I would complain earlier lack of glutathione, but they have recently even added glutathione to the product making it the best combination.