Love 69 for Couples

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Rs. 3,048
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Love 69 for Couples

Love 69 for Couples

Rs. 3,628 Rs. 3,048

Love 69 for Couples

Rs. 3,628 Rs. 3,048

Life Aveda's LOVE 69 comprises two powerful herbal products to stimulate sensuality and intimacy, Kama Love for females and Testo Energy Max for males. Both these products contain exclusive potent herbs to boost mood, sexual derive, lubrication, timing, energy, stamina and overall performance.

Kama Love Capsules for Females

KAMA LOVE is entirely a female sexual wellness formulation enriched with nine potent herbs that magically work to boost libido, orgasm, mood and sexual desires naturally. It also improves fertility and reproductive health.


  • Ashoka¬†- 200mg
  • Shatavari¬†- 75mg
  • Rasount - 50mg
  • Shatapushpa¬†- 50mg
  • Black Cohosh¬†- 25mg
  • Flaxseed¬†-¬†25mg
  • Dong Quai¬†- 25mg
  • Chaste Berry¬†- 25mg
  • Red Clover¬†- 25mg


Adults (18 Above): 1- 2 Capsules, Twice a day

After 60 Years & Over: 1- 2 capsules, Twice a day

How to Use: You Can Take it With Lukewarm Water.

Pregnant, nursing females & if on certain medications, consult an expert Ayurveda Doctor first.

NOTE: ***(Please Consult a Doctor Before Use)***

Testo Energy Max Capsules for Males

TESTO ENERGY MAX is a testosterone-boosting herbal formulation that enhances sexual desire, stamina and performance by supporting nerve strength and blood flow for longer erections and satisfying ejaculation. It also uplifts fertility, reproductive health and reduces anxiety and stress levels.


  • Macca¬†- 100mg
  • Ginseng¬†- 100mg
  • Ashwagandha¬†- 100mg
  • Kaunch Beej¬†- 50mg
  • Yohambine - 50mg
  • Shilajit - 50mg
  • Horny Goat Weed - 50mg


1-2 capsules twice daily, with normal water after meals or as advised by the physician.


If you have any medical issue or you are on some certain medications, consult an expert Ayurveda Doctor first.