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Finding Relief from Indigestion through Ayurveda

by Daljit Sidhu 06 Jan 2024
Finding Relief from Indigestion through Ayurveda

Indigestion, also known as dyspepsia, refers to a group of gastrointestinal symptoms that affect the digestive system. These include upper abdominal discomfort, bloating, belching, nausea, heartburn and abdominal pain. Indigestion can make you feel extremely uncomfortable and can negatively impact your quality of life. While antacids and other over-the-counter medications provide temporary relief, they fail to address the underlying causes of indigestion. Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine, offers a holistic approach to treating indigestion that focuses on restoring balance in the body. Hence, if you are also looking for the best, natural and Ayurvedic solution for indigestion, you can continue reading this blog.

What Causes Indigestion According to Ayurveda?

“Ayurveda believes our digestive strength, called Agni,” plays a huge role in digestion. Digestive enzymes and stomach acid known as Agni break down food for smooth assimilation in the body. When Agni is impaired, undigested material accumulates and ferments in the GI tract leading to bloating, flatulence and acidity. When Agni is impaired, it leads to the accumulation of toxins and undigested food that clog the digestive channels. This causes symptoms like gas, bloating, nausea, and abdominal discomfort.

There are several factors that can weaken Agni and trigger indigestion, such as:

Eating Incompatible Foods

Consuming foods with opposing qualities and that are difficult to digest together can confuse the digestive fire. For example, eating dairy products with fish, meat, eggs, tea, etc.

Eating Too Much or Too Little

Overeating overburdens Agni while eating too little causes Agni to slow down. Both scenarios lead to the incomplete digestion of food.

Eating Too Fast or Too Slow

Rushed eating prevents food from being properly broken down and absorbed while eating too slowly allows food to putrefy in the GI tract before it's fully digested.

Sleeping Right After Eating

Lying down immediately after eating hinders a key digestive process called absorbative digestion.

Chronic Stress

Stress hormones slow down digestion leading to symptoms like bloating and nausea. Those with high-stress jobs are more prone to indigestion.

Imbalanced doshas 

The three Ayurvedic bioenergies called Vata, Pitta and Kapha govern all physiological activities including digestion. Out-of-balance doshas negatively affect Agni.


The Ayurvedic theory states that poorly digested food turns into toxins (or Ama) which clog channels in the body and block proper absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

Unhealthy habits

Lifestyle factors like lack of exercise, irregular meals, late nights, excessive fasting, poor food combining and eating stale or heavy foods slow digestion over time.

Ayurvedic Approaches to Managing Indigestion

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to managing indigestion. Along with herbal remedies, Ayurvedic physicians recommend diet and lifestyle changes customized to one's unique constitution to alleviate symptoms.

1. Follow an Agni-Promoting Diet

Eating easy-to-digest, freshly cooked foods that won't overwhelm digestive capacity aids digestion. Follow these diet tips:

  • Prioritize warm, unctuous foods like soups, stews, rice preparations, etc.
  • Minimize raw vegetables and salads which are difficult to break down
  • Avoid incompatible food combinations
  • Stay off cold drinks, caffeine, alcohol, fried foods and processed foods

2. Try Digestion-Boosting Herbs and Spices

Ayurvedic herbs and spices help stimulate Agni. Some popular options include:

Ginger: Improves digestion and alleviates gas and bloating

Cumin, fennel: Relieve flatulence and colic pain

Licorice: Soothes stomach lining; mild laxative

Trikatu: Classic Ayurvedic digestive formula containing piper longum, black pepper and dried ginger

Triphala: Gentle bowel tonic; that improves digestion and elimination

3. Adopt an Ayurvedic Daily Routine

Following the Ayurvedic Dinacharya (daily routine) boosts digestion during the day and ensures complete physiological rest at night. Key points include:

  • Eating the largest meal in the afternoon when digestion is strongest
  • Avoiding food 3 hours before bedtime
  • Massaging the abdomen and feet to stimulate digestion
  • Practicing yoga asanas like Pawanmuktasana and Sarvangasana
  • Going to sleep before 10 pm
4. Try Panchakarma Detox Therapy

Panchakarma is a comprehensive mind-body detox protocol involving herbal massages, heat treatments, enemas, purgation, and other techniques to cleanse toxins from the body. By eliminating deep-rooted toxins, panchakarma strengthens digestion long-term.

5. Address Emotional Imbalances with Counseling

Suppressed emotions like anger and anxiety greatly impact digestion. Seeking ayurvedic counseling or psychotherapy can help manage emotional stressors and support holistic healing.

6. Try Life Aveda’s Indigestion Care Pack - Digestive Harmony for Everyone!

Life throws curveballs,and sometimes, those curveballs take the form of an unwelcome guest in your digestive system: Indigestion. That burning sensation, the uncomfortable bloating, the gurgling symphony of discontent – we've all been there.

But worry not! Life Aveda's Indigestion Care Pack is here to be your knight in shining armor, your culinary confidante, your gut's guardian angel. This potent combo of natural goodness tackles indigestion at its root, bringing harmony and comfort back to your belly. 

What's inside the magic box? 
  • Mahasankh Vati: A renowned classical formulation for digestive wellbeing. In short, Mahasankh Vati's unique Ayurvedic formulation enhances digestive fire, stimulates digestion, relieves GI infections, prevents flatulence and regulates elimination for improved digestive health.
  • Digest Easy:This ancient Ayurvedic powerhouse combines Amla, Haritaki, Bahera, and spices like Jeera and Saunf. It works like a gastric power washer, cleansing and balancing your digestive system, while soothing inflammation and gas.

Wait, there's more!

Life Aveda’s Indigestion Care Pack doesn't just treat the symptoms; it nourishes your gut for long-term health benefits. With the goodness of nature, supports the growth of good bacteria and improves nutrient absorption.

Bonus Tip: Pair your Indigestion Care Pack with a mindful approach to eating. Chew slowly, savor your food, and avoid stress while dining. Your gut will thank you for it!

Order your Life Aveda Indigestion Care Pack today and say goodbye to gut grumbles forever!

Remember, consistency is key!Follow the recommended dosage and stick to the regimen for optimal results.

In Summary

Ayurveda offers a safe, gentle way to tackle indigestion without side effects. By using natural treatments, dietary changes and detox protocols customized to one’s constitution, Ayurveda can strengthen Agni and provide lasting relief from chronic digestion problems. In addition to this, Life Aveda’s Indigestion Care Pack can be a boon for your overall digestive health. By incorporating this pack you can experience holistic care to your digestive harmony. Also, don’t forget to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner to develop the right holistic healing plan for your needs.

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